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T100 BT Pro OBDII Bluetooth Scan Tool


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Price: USD 97.97

Tachyon T100 BT Pro is an Advanced OBDII Scan Tool specially designed for all OBDII compliant vehicles. In addition, this Scan Tool supports Toyota’s Manufacturer specific protocol.

T100BT Pro Scan Tool will connect your vehicle to your Tachyon T1 Pro Software application or Tachyon Droid Android application using Bluetooth technology.

TripData logging Facility – Know Your Trips

• Automatically monitor and store 25 different trip information
• Automatically detects Start and Stop of each trip
• Logs following information corresponding to each trip

• Distance travelled
• Fuel Consumed
• Fuel Economy of that trip

• No Software or Android app is required to be connected. You only need it when you want to see Trip Data.

Monitor 30+ OBDII Specific Parameters and 90+ Toyota Specific Parameters:

• Fuel Economy (Instantaneous and Average)
• Consumed Fuel amount
• Distance travelled
• Speed
• Current Gear Position
• Current Vehicle Load
• Throttle Position
• Coolant temperature
• Oxygen Sensor Data
• Piston Misfires

See the Pattern:

Tachyon T1 Pro OBDII Software can generate powerful informative graphs real-time. These graphs will give you the insight of your:
• Diving pattern
• Fuel Economy variation
• Gear shifting patterns

Read and Clear Check Engine Light / Engine Codes (DTCs):

You can easily read DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes),
Clear the DTCs to
Turn off Check Engine Sign

Read Freeze Frames:

Freeze Frame feature gives a snapshot of the vehicle status at the time the DTC is occurred.
With this, you can analyze the vehicle status when the issue happened and take the corrective actions accordingly.
Battery Status Monitoring
Displays Battery Voltage
Observe Battery Voltage Variations and Determine Battery Health

PowerSave Technology – Plug it and Leave it!

Once you plug T100 Scan Tool, just leave it there. With Tachyon PowerSave Technology, you can leave the OBDII Bluetooth tool plugged in all the time.

Fast Reliable OBDII Bluetooth link

The Tachyon T100 Bluetooth Scan Tool comes with high-speed OBDII Bluetooth Communication link that can communicate up-to 2MBps.

Clean Design – Everything is Wireless

With T100 BT Pro OBDII Bluetooth Scan Tool, there are no wires hanging around obstructing driver’s legroom.
It’s hassle free installation and operation.

Installing is like ABC:

Installing the Tachyon T100 BT Pro Bluetooth Tool for your car is easy as ABC.
A. Connect the Tachyon T100 BT Pro Scan Tool to the OBDII port of your vehicle. This is usually located in close to the steering column
B. Pair the device with your PC T1 Pro OBDII Software or OBDII Tachyon Droid app.
C. Start the engine, Select the protocol and press “Connect” button.

T100 BT Pro Scan Tool Supporting Protocols

Standard OBDII Protocols

• ISO14230-4 OBDII KWP Fast Init
• ISO14230-4 OBDII KWP Slow Init
• ISO15765-4 OBDII CAN 11 bit
• ISO15765-4 OBDII CAN 29 bit

Toyota Specific Protocols

•ISO14230-4 OBDII KWP Toyota Type 1 – model year 2000-2006
•ISO14230-4 OBDII KWP Toyota Type 2– model year 2000-2006
•ISO14230-4 OBDII KWP Toyota Type 3– model year 2000-2006
•ISO9141-2 OBDII KWP Toyota Type 4– model year 2000-2006
•ISO15765-4 OBDII CAN Toyota Type 1– model year 2007 onwards
•ISO15765-4 OBDII CAN Toyota Type 2– model year 2007 onwards

Free OBDII Software for Android and PC With Free Updates:

The T100BT Pro Bluetooth Scan Tool comes with fully licensed Tachyon T1 Pro OBDII Software for PC and Tachyon Droid OBDII app for Android.

What’s Included

• Tachyon T100 BT Pro Scan Tool
• Tachyon T1 Pro PC Software
• Tachyon Droid Android App
• Bluetooth Drivers

Zero Risk!

T100 BT Pro Scan Tool comes with
60 Days Money back guarantee
One year warranty for labor and parts


  • Height: 5Cm
  • Width : 3cm
  • Depth : 3Cm
  • Weight : 100g


  • Powered from Vehicle’s OBD Port
  • Power Consumption
  • Operational Mode : 1.5W
  • Sleep Mode : 1.00 mW

Supporting Standards

  • KWP Toyota JDM (ISO 14230-4)
  • KWP 5 Baud (ISO 14230-4)
  • KWP Fast init (ISO 14230-4)
  • CAN 11 bit Toyota JDM (ISO 15765- 4)
  • CAN 11 bit (ISO 15765- 4)

Required Application

For PC:
  • Tachyon T100 BT (Included)
  • Tachyon T1 Pro

For Android:

  • Tachyon T1 Droid (Free App)
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T100 BT - OBDII Bluetooth Scan Tool for Toyota
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