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OBDRx – OBDII Bluetooth Scan Tool

Tachyon OBDRx OBD2 Scan Tool
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Price: USD 97.97

Talk to your vehicle with OBDRx and get
safe driving, save money, and have fun!

Tachyon OBDRx is an Advanced OBDII Scan Tool specially designed for all OBDII compliant vehicles.

OBDRx Scan Tool gives you a sophisticated smart automotive sports tool that makes your vehicle safer to drive, saves money and fun to use!

The Scan Tool for all vehicles

Tachyon OBDRxScan Tool supports all OBDII compliant vehicles which are made after 1996.

Make your vehicle Safer

OBDRx provides you with real time diagnostics of your vehicle, from ‘Check Engine Light’ diagnostics to fuel economy.

This will give you early warnings on fault, which you have to take small actions to prevent catastrophic failures that may happen in the future.

Burn less fuel

With OBDRx fuel economy calculations, you will know real time instantaneous fuel economy, how much fuel you have consumed and how much distance you have driven. With this feedback, you can change your diving pattern to drive more fuel economically.

Save hundreds of dollars

With features in OBDRx, you will be able to save hundreds of dollars spent on fuel, repairs and maintenance.

Track View

OBDRx combines fuel economy data with your GPS positions and gives you the fuels economy variation on a map. This powerful tool will help you to find the most economical routs, road and times to travel.

Plug it and Leave it!

Once you plug OBDRx Scan Tool, just leave it there. With Tachyon PowerSave Technology, you can leave the OBDII Bluetooth tool plugged in all the time.

Everything is Wireless

With OBDRx BT OBDII Scan Tool, there are no wires hanging around obstructing driver’s legroom. It’s hassle free installation and operation!

Installing is like ABC:

Installing the Tachyon OBDRx Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool for your vehicle is easy as ABC.

A. Connect the Tachyon OBDRx OBDII Scan Tool to the OBDII port of your vehicle. This is usually located in close to the steering column

B. Pair the device with your PC Tachyon OBDRx OBDII Software or OBDII Tachyon Droid app.

C. Start the engine, Select the protocol and press “Connect” button.

What’s Included

• Tachyon OBDRx BT OBDIIScan Tool
• Tachyon OBDRx PC Software
• Tachyon OBDRx Android App
• Bluetooth Drivers

Zero Risk!

OBDRx OBDII Scan Tool comes with

30 Days Money back guarantee

One year warranty for labor and parts


  • Height: 5Cm
  • Width : 3cm
  • Depth : 3Cm
  • Weight : 100g


  • Powered from Vehicle’s OBD Port
  • Power Consumption
  • Operational Mode : 1.5W
  • Sleep Mode : 1.00 mW

Supporting Standards

  • KWP(ISO 9141-2)
  • KWP 5 Baud (ISO 14230-4)
  • KWP Fast init (ISO 14230-4)
  • CAN 11 bit (ISO 15765- 4)
  • CAN 29 bit (ISO 15765- 4)

Required Application

For PC:
  • Tachyon T100 BT (Included)
  • Tachyon T1 Pro

For Android:

  • Tachyon T1 Droid (Free App)
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