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T100 BT – OBDII Bluetooth Scan Tool for Toyota

Tachyon T1 Toyota OBD2
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Price: USD 37.97

OBDII Bluetooth Scan Tool Specially for Toyota Vehicles

Tachyon T100 BT is an OBDII Bluetooth Scan tool specially designed for all Toyota vehicles. This will connect your vehicle to your Tachyon T1 OBDII software application or to Tachyon Droid Android OBDII app using OBDII Bluetooth technology. This tool is specially designed to support both Japanese Domestic Models (Toyota JDM) and Export models. T1 Toyota uses “Toyota Specific” OBDII Proprietary protocol to communicate with ECU (Engine Control Unit) to obtain advanced sensor status data and Engine Codes.  

GPS Based Track View:

With Tachyon Droid app, you can track your vehicle's driving route using GPS. Also, it will overlay your fuel economy variation in that route. This is will be helpful to find out the best routes, driving patterns and traffic conditions.

Fast Reliable OBDII Bluetooth 3.0 link:

The Tachyon T100 BT unit is comes with high-speed OBDII Bluetooth 3.0 Communication link that can communicate up-to 2MBps.

MyTripData logging facility:

With Tachyon, now you don’t need to use Android or PC OBDII Diagnostic app continuously to obtain trip data.  Just leave T100 OBDII Bluetooth tool plugged in and it will automatically monitor and store your trip distance, consumed fuel and fuel economy. Also T100 OBDII Bluetooth tool can store up to 25 individual trips. This trip information is easy to obtain and display using Tachyon Droid or Tachyon T1 Software.  

PowerSave Technology:

Once you plug it in, just leave it there. With Tachyon PowerSave technology you can leave the Tachyon T100 OBDII Bluetooth tool plugged in all the time. The PowerSave technology will force the T100 OBDII Bluetooth tool to a deep-sleep mode when there is no activity and quickly comes alive when vehicle starts. During the Deep-Sleep mode the unit consumes only 1/10 of power compared to live mode, which enables the unit plugged in without draining the battery.  

Monitor Toyota Specific Parameters:

Ability Monitor 90+ Toyota Specific OBD2 Parameters including,
  • Fuel Economy
  • Fuel consumed in current trip
  • Instantaneous fuel economy
  • Gear Position
  • Engine load
  • And many more..

Read and clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs / Engine Codes):

Save hundreds of dollars and hours of time spent on auto-shops to read and clear Check Engine light. Now with Tachyon T100 OBDII Bluetooth tool, you can easily read DTCs, fix it and clear the DTCs to turn off check engine sign.

Read Freeze Frames:

Freeze frame is a sophisticated feature which gives a snapshot of the vehicle status when a DTC is first occurs. Using the freeze frame data in T1 OBDII Software, you can analyze the vehicle status when the issue happens and take the corrective actions accordingly.

TripGraph facility:

Tachyon T1 OBDII software can generate powerful fuel economy graphs real-time. These graphs will give you the insight of your:
  • Diving pattern
  • How economical you are
  • Actions to take to drive more safely and economically

Free Fully Licensed OBDII Software for Android and PC:

The T100 OBDII Bluetooth Units comes with fully licensed Tachyon T1 Toyota OBDII Software for PC and Tachyon T1 Droid OBDII app for Android. These are not trial software or demo software. They are fully loaded with all features.   This is $150 worth of software coming free with lifetime software upgrades.

Installing T100 OBDII Bluetooth Tool:

Installing the Tachyon T100 OBDII Bluetooth Tool for your car is easy as ABC. A. Connect the Tachyon T100 OBDII Bluetooth Tool to the OBDII port of your vehicle. This is usually located in close to the steering column B. Pair the device with your PC Software or Android app. C. Start the engine and press “Connect” button.

Small Design:

With Tachyon T100 BT OBDII Bluetooth device, there are no wires hanging around obstructing driver’s legroom. Thereby, giving you a hassle free installation and operation.

Supporting Toyota Vehicles:

Supports All Toyota vehicles built with OBDII compliance. These include:
  • All vehicles sold in US from model year 2002
  • All vehicles sold in UK from model year 2000
  • All vehicles sold in Aisa from model year 2000
  • All vehicles sold in Australia from model year 2002
  • All vehicles sold in South America from model year 2002

Supporting Toyota specific Protocols:

There are six different protocols Toyota use:
  • ISO14230-4 OBDII KWP Toyota Type 1 – model year 2000-2006
  • ISO14230-4 OBDII KWP Toyota Type 2– model year 2000-2006
  • ISO14230-4 OBDII KWP Toyota Type 3– model year 2000-2006
  • ISO9141-2 OBDII KWP  Toyota Type 4– model year 2000-2006
  • ISO15765-4 OBDII CAN Toyota Type 1– model year 2007 onwards
  • ISO15765-4 OBDII CAN Toyota Type 2– model year 2007 onwards

Supported Vehicles

4Runner Allion Alphard
Aurion Auris Avalon
Avanza Avensis Aygo
bB Belta Cami
Camry Carri Corolla
Corolla Axio Corolla Fielder Corolla Rumion
Crown Estima Etios
FJ Cruiser Granvia Highlander
Hiace Innova iQ
Isis ist Land Cruiser
Land Cruiser Prado Mark X Mark X ZiO
Matrix MiniAce Nadia
Passo Picnic Porte
Premio Prius Ractis
Raum RAV4 Reiz
Rush Sai Scepter
Sequoia Sienna Sienta
Sofia Sparky Stallion
Succeed Tarago Tiara
Tundra Vanguard Venture
Venza Verso Vienta
Vios Vitz/Platz/Yaris/Echo Voxy
WISH Yaris Zelas

What’s Included

  • Tachyon T100 BT Toyota Tool
  • Tachyon T1 Toyota PC Software
  • Tachyon Droid Toyota android application
  • OBDII Bluetooth Drivers


  • Height: 5Cm
  • Width : 3cm
  • Depth : 3Cm
  • Weight : 100g


  • Powered from Vehicle’s OBD Port
  • Power Consumption
  • Operational Mode : 1.5W
  • Sleep Mode : 1.00 mW

Supporting Standards

  • OBDII KWP Toyota JDM (ISO 14230-4)
  • OBDII KWP 5 Baud (ISO 14230-4)
  • OBDII KWP Fast init (ISO 14230-4)
  • OBDII CAN 11 bit Toyota JDM (ISO 15765- 4)
  • OBDII CAN 11 bit (ISO 15765- 4)

Required Application

For PC:
  • Tachyon T100 BT (Included)
  • Tachyon T1 Toyota (Included)

For Android:

  • Tachyon T1 Droid (Free App)
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